National Nuclear Commission: Public Education and Awareness

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  • Ariana Tibon, Public Education and Awareness Director
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Location: Majuro, Marshall Islands


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“Education and Awareness” is one of the five pillars of nuclear justice identified by the RMI National Nuclear Commission (NNC). In their strategy document (found here), they state that their overarching goal for this pillar is that “present and future generations of Marshallese possess strong awareness of all aspects of the U.S. nuclear testing program in the Marshall Islands,” and that “communities have the knowledge, understanding, and leadership capacity to address the impacts of nuclear testing.” Ariana Tibon works with the NNC to help achieve this goal through educational efforts with students in the Marshall Islands.

Current projects

  • The NNC partnered with the RMI public school system to develop curriculum for elementary and high school students on the Marshallese nuclear legacy, including the history of nuclear testing, politics and governance around testing, health effects, and more. [Link to curriculum]. 
  • Ariana co-teaches a course at the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) called “Nuclear Issues in the Pacific” with Mary Silk, director of the Nuclear Institute at CMI. The course has been offered since 1998. 
  • Ariana collaborates with and supports the Nuclear Club, a student group at CMI that was originally established in 1998.
    • The NNC and the Nuclear Club teach classes on the country’s nuclear legacy at local high schools and elementary schools.  
    • The NNC offers internships to college students each year through the Nuclear Club. 
    • The NNC and the Nuclear Club are working together to form new “nuclear clubs” at high schools around the Marshall Islands.  
  • Ariana is a representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency 
    • She is the counterpart for IAEA’S Project MHL 9004: Strengthening  the National Infrastructure on Radiation in the Marshall Islands working with respective departments within the government to initiate the establishment of nuclear laws and a regulatory framework in the RMI. 
    • Ariana is the “Radiation Safety and Information Management System Coordinator” for the RMI, which entails providing data on nuclear material in the Marshall Islands to the IAEA.

Opportunities for Collaboration

The most beneficial way that organizations and individuals in the United States could collaborate with Ariana would be to share the curriculum she has developed with their own networks and communities. This could include finding ways to adapt the full curriculum for students in the US, or finding other platforms to share this information and adapt it to US audiences, to help raise awareness and educate people in the US on these issues.

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