Living Islands

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Location: Portland, OR



Living Islands is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, dedicated to serving the educational, cultural, and social needs of Micronesian communities since 2013. The organization takes pride in connecting local communities with organizations, agencies, and resources to help build stronger societies, through knowledge-sharing, bilateral education, collaborative efforts, and cultural preservation. Their goal is to address the shortcomings of government programs and private investments, where they cannot sufficiently fulfill the needs of our people.

Current Projects

  • Education and Awareness
    • Junior Oceans Ambassador Camp: A two-week summer camp to instill a personal investment in the oceans and climate for Marshallese youth through environmental education, hands-on marine science, and beach cleanup projects.
    • Research Program: Collaborating with and supporting researchers to address knowledge gaps on issues affecting Micronesian communities and share this information publicly. 
    • Awareness Events: Holding and attending educational events across Oregon and the United States.
    • Community Support: Partnership with organizations and government entities that will help strengthen the diaspora Micronesian communities. Shared Pacific Islander Community Calendar for the US Pacific Northwest. IT support and hosting for small Micronesian organizations in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Cultural Preservation 
    • Pacific Islander Center: Building a community center in Oregon to serve as a gathering place, event space, and resource hub for Pacific Islanders in the region.
    • Language Preservation: Collaboration with First Voices in Canada to preserve Marshallese Language through Dictionary & Sentence translations, pictures materials, and video-based storytelling.
  • Sustainable Habitats
    • SDA School: K-12 School. A multi-functional school and community resource center project in collaboration with Seventh Day Adventists in the Laura, Marshall Islands, to help strengthen the community and provide a model project for other regions.
    • Johnson Family House: Prototyping a new housing model that addresses the challenges of climate change, using locally sourced materials and traditional designs.
  • Documentaries 
    • Acceptable Fallout: A feature-length documentary film about the many healthcare issues facing Micronesian populations due to radiation exposure and other health disparities.  
    • Crossroads 2020: a documentary film project linking the Global Nuclear Legacy to Climate Change, the two most powerful existential threats to all life, through personal stories and accounts.

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Support funding for the community center, and for program work in general.
  • Once completed, hosting screenings of documentaries to increase awareness of the impact of nuclear weapons testing on Micronesian communities.
  • Hosting educational events with Living Islands to increase awareness.
  • Living Islands is hosting the shared Pacific Islander event calendar for the US Pacific NW, and are looking to get everyone included.
  • Connecting researchers and scientists with Living Islands via their research program, to help address knowledge gaps.
  • The organization needs a more pervasive media presence, either through media consultants or volunteer media writers.
  • Support, fiscal and work, for our documentary projects in the form of film editors and promotional support.
  • Small Pacific NW based organizations can request IT and hosting support from Living Islands.

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