Paul Griego

  • Role: Atomic Veteran, Researcher and Activist
  • Contact information: (preferred); 505 306-1902 
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico


In 1978, Paul was the soil sampling team leader with the radiological element of the U.S. Joint Task Force for the Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup on the Marshall Islands. In this role, he provided data to the Department of Energy to help determine what material would be placed in Runit Dome, and what would be dumped into the nearby lagoon. Today, Paul is the only soil sampling team member known to be still alive. He was also a radiochemist at a Health Physics Laboratory where he performed the bioassay and environmental analysis of radioactive isotopes.

Paul is the New Mexico State Commander for the National Association of Atomic Veterans, and an organizer with Atomic Cleanup Veterans. He also works with other grassroots groups in New Mexico that work on nuclear weapons issues, including the Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment, and Nuclear Watch New Mexico.

Current Projects

  • Research Studies
    • Paul initiated and is assisting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a mortality study, focusing specifically on life expectancy of atomic cleanup participants. (see Paul’s attached letter to the CDC). The study is expected to begin in January 2020.    
    • Pursuing a study on strontium-90 contamination in water sources in the Marshall Islands and the impacts on bone density, both today and during the clean-up effort. 
    • “The Return to the Atomic Cleanup:” a proposed project to compile data, resources, personal stories and documents, and other relevant information on the Enewetak Atoll cleanup effort. This would serve to raise awareness of this often hidden nuclear site and cleanup mission, and provide previously unavailable data and information to the public. 
  • Paul is working with the Marshallese community and Atomic Veterans groups to organize “Nuclear Remembrance Day” on Feb 28th – March 1st, 2020 in Springdale, AK. This is an event to raise awareness of the shared nuclear legacy of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.   
  • “A Matter of Time:” a proposed art and media project to create a time capsule that would be placed on Runit Dome, and help raise awareness of the issues surrounding the Dome. 
  • Atomic Veterans face many challenges in relation to accessing and receiving proper medical care and compensation for medical costs. One practical challenge is knowing what issues to raise with their doctors, what sorts of screenings and preventive measures they should take, what tests they should run, etc. Paul is interested in compiling a guide for atomic veterans that they can share with their doctors and medical team.

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Helping to raise public awareness of the issues facing Atomic Veterans. 
  • Supporting the three studies described above, helping to recruit researchers and health professionals to support these studies, and sharing findings when they emerge.  
  • Supporting the “A Matter of Time” art and media project.  
  • Paul is seeking health professionals and researchers who can provide input on the health care guide for atomic veterans described above.
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