Outrider Foundation

Point of Contact:

  • Tara Drozdenko; Managing Director, Nuclear Policy And Nonproliferation
  • Contact Information: tara@outrider.org; (608) 237-3631

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Website: outrider.org

Outrider is an education-focused organization that uses digital media to provide accessible information on the issues of climate change and nuclear weapons. They create visually engaging interactive features and in-depth articles to help the public and decision-makers learn about these issues. On nuclear weapons issues, their coverage has included a wide range of topics, such as local grassroots activism to pass resolutions against nuclear war, in-depth stories from nuclear frontline communities, and the history and future of arms control between the United States and Russia.

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Publishing and/or helping to write In-depth, personal stories of frontline community members.  Ex: “Uranium Mining and My Family’s Story,” by Tommy Rock
  • Publishing and/or helping to write more broadly about nuclear weapons sites, health and environmental consequences of production, etc. Ex: “The Human Cost of Nuclear Weapons.
  • Exploring creative projects to share information about frontline communities, such as videos and interactive online tools. 
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